Live 1-On-1 Makeup Tutorial

Adoras Dream is introducing a 45-minute Live 1-On-1 makeup tutorial online, giving you the techniques and 1-On-1 attention you need without pushing product or makeup advice that's not authentic to YOU.


Makeup should be fun, self-rewarding, and true to self, but at times it may be challenging to apply when exposed to so many different products, techniques, styles and time constraints. Our mission is to connect and teach you what you need to feel empowered. 


Tell US what YOU want to learn and we’ll support you each step of the way from the privacy of your own home. 


Learn about skincare, face, eyes, lips, tools, hygiene, styles, product and more!


Choose your focus:

  • Contour

  • Every day makeup

  • Smokey eye

  • Glam makeup

  • Eyelash application


*1-One-1 tutorials may be customized. For more information please contact us at


-Computer or Mobile Device with Camera

-Internet Connection

-Download ZOOM for free at