Adoras Beauty Bar

Serve beauty at your next party, serving the latest decadent highlighters, creamy shadows, sparkling glitter, buttery lipsticks and chocolate bronzers. 


Indulge your inner beauties with the latest trending makeup products at your table. 


Give us your theme and style and we’ll tailor it to your needs.


Adoras Beauty Bar is hosted on site by our makeup professionals guiding you and your friends through the journey of applying it to yourself and each other. 

Beauty Bar Includes:

  • Stations with lighted mirrors

  • Clean brushes and disposable hygiene

  • Sanitized palettes

  • Bronzers

  • Glitter

  • Highlighters

  • Lip stain

  • Lip gloss 


-Cost varies depending on how many guests

-Prepayment of 50% due at time of booking.